Data Management

Data Management

The ARA Difference: Flexibility, Efficiency, Expertise

We offer complete clinical trials data management services, including:

  • CRF/eCRF Design
  • Data Entry
  • Database Design and Build (Paper and EDC)
  • Data Check Design and Build (Paper and EDC)
  • Database/Data Check User Acceptance Testing
  • EDC Training
  • Data Query Management
  • CDISC Standards Implementation
  • AE/SAE Reconciliation
  • Local, Central, and Corelab Data Handling/Management/Reconciliation
  • Medical Coding (MedDRA, WHO Drug)
  • Data Management Documentation (Data Management Plan, Data Transfer Agreements, etc.)
  • Investigator Meeting Presentation/Support
  • Data Management Metrics/Reporting
  • Project Timeline/Budget Management

We support EDC for smaller trials. The conventional wisdom is that EDC is great, but not for smaller trials. With the data management tools used by ARA this is no longer the case. We encourage sponsors to consider EDC —  no matter what the size of the project.

Change is inevitable, but can take days rather than weeks. During the course of a clinical trial, changes are inevitable, and everyone knows how painful a change can be in terms of the timeline. That’s where we’re different. Due to ARA’s unique committment to flexibility and responsiveness, changes can take days rather than weeks.

Work with seasoned staff. When you work with ARA, you are working directly with seasoned staff with decades of experience. This takes a “middleman” layer out, resulting in fast, efficient communication.

We work for you and with you. We work as an extension of your team, employing multiple avenues to ensure clear and consistent communication. The success of your project is our ultimate goal.